In 1988, APC successfully registered its trademark in Hong Kong and a series of advertising campaigns were launched
to promote APC branded products.

Advertisement through media
Over the past 10 years, APC has continually advertised on TV, radio, publications, and public transportation. It was also a sponsor of a local film production and has participated in several trade exhibitions in Hong Kong and China.

Advertisement through good products
APC believes that good reliable products will attract customers and retain customer loyalty. With hard work and a strong corporate value-based culture, APC has successfully established a strong brand name with an image of trustworthiness. This image is well supported by a proven track record that its products are reliable, safe and of excellent quality.

Advertisement through expansion of distribution network
APC has a strong penetration into the distribution network in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China. In view of the huge market potential in China, APC has registered its trademark in China in 1999 and is focusing its expansionary plans into Mainland China. Resources have been allocated to promote the brand name in China and the sales of APC’s products there have been increasing at record rates over the years.