As a pharmaceutical company we believe we have a very serious responsibility - a social responsibility to enrich the lives of people. As the aging population in Asia and in the world grows, the need for better healthcare has never been more! Today¡¦s consumers are living longer lives and demanding much more fulfilling lives than their forefathers. As work retirement age prolong, the need for healthy body and acute mind becomes a necessity to function in this competitive environment.

On the other side of the pendulum, stress and environmental pollution are two key factors affecting our lives, resulting in the advent of diseases and problems unprecedented decades ago. Hence our mission is to enrich the lives of people. We are focusing on two elements:

Prevention and Cure
* Prevention of diseases and ailments through the right vitamins and minerals to provide fuel and nourishment to our body.
* Cure of diseases of ailments through the medicine with the best available ingredients.

The principles that help us to accomplish our mission stem from our core company values:

For more than two decades, we strictly adhere to our tradition. This is a company of integrity, a company of honesty. We demand ourselves of the highest ethical and moral standards. We strive to respect, be individually responsible, and forthright, which are the basis for cultivating relationships with our colleagues, customers, and the community.

Today, we are a consumer products business that is far more dynamic, and market-driven than ever before. We believe customer's satisfaction, trust and goodwill are very important factors of success. The three principles are developed through socially responsible practices of doing business that are consistent with the spirit and constituency of the law. It is also important to uphold integrity and honesty and to merit performance through communication and understanding. As a result of our contribution to the society, the society's social awareness, respect, and reputation of APC will be enhanced.

We build our organization from within. Our core assets are our people. Hence, we inspire our people at all levels to step
forward to:

  1. Become leaders
  2. Role models
  3. Achieve difficult goals
  4. Foresee what needs to be done
  5. Motivate others to higher performance
  6. Promote and reward outstanding individual effort

Further, providing equal opportunity, and giving merit based on performance is the backbone of our culture. This helps lead us to reach our goals and objectives, and ultimately our mission. Reward is about more than just remuneration. We provide an environment in which our people are free to contribute ideas and impact change and this in turn makes them:

  1. Feel positive and enthusiastic about their work
  2. Set aggressive performance standards and incentive-schemes
  3. Inspiring people to uphold courage and to challenge each other

We are self-driven and highly motivated. We work together, share knowledge and experiences: these include transparent reporting, offering diverse opinions and conflicting views that lead to development of fresh insights to find new and better ways of doing things. This culture helps foster healthy internal competition which ultimately leads to superior performance, leadership, and teamwork.

At Advance Pharmaceutical, our source of dynamism is innovation. We aim to cultivate continuous creativity by maintaining a culture in which people feel energized and rewarded for their ideas. We encourage our people to challenge each other and build new insights and be open to unconventional ideas. We are committed to hiring the best researchers, chemists and analysts and are optimistic of Hong Kong and China's role in spearheading a leadership role in the healthcare industry due to the rising population of professionally qualified workforce, improved sophistication of the researches, shortened development process, and favourable governmental regulation and support.

In addition to our in-house R&D, we maintain close relationships with several research and development laboratories in leading universities and have access to many findings by renowned Professors and researchers in Hong Kong and China.

As APC's product line is largely generic, our business environment is highly price competitive, which adds pressure for us to find ways of differentiation. We view the transformation of innovative ideas into practical applications a critical differentiating and competitive edge. Hence we place great emphasis in identifying trends at a very early stage in-order to have a firstmover advantage in launching newer and more superior
products to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our consumers.

Social Responsibility
As a company, we are continually finding new ways to contribute to our society where we have worked, lived and grown throughout our lives. Our goal is to grow the value of the company over the long term through contributing to our employees, shareholders and the society at large.

Since its establishment that commitment has remained strong. We have promoted it whole-heartedly by not just improving the quality of lives and health of our society, but also retaining our corporate values at the same time. By cooperating with authorities, proactively communicating with the public, and understanding the needs of our neighborhood, a range of programs and initiatives have been designed to contribute to our society.

We aim to deliver value to our consumers in a speedy and holistic manner, which we believe, will sustain our growth and profitability.

Our products are generic and highly competitive therefore collaboration in marketing and defining product development levels is very essential to the success of AP. By utilizing each other's business network and working together to achieve a common goal, we are able to increase sales and create a much more efficient cost structure. A partnership with such synergy can result in a highly leveraged business model.