Malanta Cough Linctus


Productive & unproductive cough sneezing and nasal congestion of common cold, influenza and similar upper respiratory tract infection

Dosage and Administration

Adults: 2 teaspoonfuls (10ml), every 6 hours;
Children(6 to 12 years old): 1 teaspoonful (5ml), every 6 hours,
or as directed by physician.



Active ingredients

Noscapine 8mg
Dexchlorpheniramine Mal. 1.5mg
Ext. Cocillana Liquid. 0.06ml
Ext. Senega Liquid 0.03ml
Ext. Squill Liquid. 0.03ml


This may cause drowsiness. If affected, do not drive or operate machinery. It is dangerous to exceed the stated dose.

H.K. Reg. No.

HK-46517 Category: Part 2 Poison